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Below are some useful sites and blogs that deal with male infertility issues.


Male Infertility Blogs
A father with male factor infertility who had two children using donor sperm.
e’s now a dad but it took a long time for him to become one
A man dealing with non-obstructive azoospermia.
Another man bravely coping with azoospermia.

Male & Female Infertility Blogs
A couple trying everything to get those dirty diapers.
Life as an infertile couple.
A host of fertility tips.
7 years of trying.
 woman going through the pain of TTC (trying to conceive).
A couple dealing with dealing with PCOS and male factor infertility.
A 31 year old woman with a strong maternal instinct and some seriously lazy eggs.
anadian couple going through IVF.

Male & Female Infertility Resources

  • Apexoo – A reproductive health directory.
  • The Fertility Guide – Has a comprehensive list of infertility treatments and regular news on new fertility developments
  • Conceiving Concepts – Infertility information, support and fertility products for those trying to conceive.
  • ConceptionXR – Help for male infertility and increasing low sperm count.
  • FertilAid – Fertility supplements for women & men to optimize your chances of conceiving!
  • Fertility Center of California – Premier sperm bank in San Diego, California offering fertility and andrology lab services.
  • Fertility Matters – information, advice and support
  • Health Sciences Library McMaster University – Explore a wealth of information on infertility and additional medical concerns.
  • Infertility Network – Provides information about infertility matters.
  • Mayo Clinic – Health information website with detailed resources for infertility.
  • Mothers Over 40 – An encouraging site for all those who are trying to conceive after the age of 40 or are pregnant over 40.
  • Proxeed – A reproductive dietary supplement for men to increase sperm motility, concentration and speed.
  • Reproductive Wellness – Infertility and pregnancy support with a focus on mind-body medicine, acupuncture and more.
  • WebMD – General health information website with extensive infertility resources.

Male Infertility Resources

Online Forums

It can be good to talk and share your fertility problems. Many of the chat rooms and message boards are free to use and just require you to register your details.

IVillage has an excellent collection of message boards at

BabyCenter  has highly active forums and chats for “male fertility factors” Explore the community at

WebMD has a large selection of chat rooms and an infertility treatment support group at

Infertility Associations & Societies


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