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Fear of Sex

It’s sex night. I’m going to get some hot action. It’s sex night and my woman is at home ready and waiting. It’s sex night and I’m not looking forward to it one little bit. 

I am dreading it. I’ve got a horrible tense knot in my stomach. I know what I’ve got to do and I am worried. The pressure to perform is immense. 

Sex is not fun anymore. It’s serious. 

I’ve always defined my masculinity in terms of sex. 

Always needed it. 

Sometimes got it. 

Always enjoyed it. 

Until now. Not now that we are trying to make a baby. Not now that I am trying to become a dad.


One thought on “Fear of Sex”

  1. I can really relate to this. My wife and I are trying to conceive and my wife does all the timings and stuff but when she tells me it’s the right time the pressure on me to have sex feels enormous i cant always “perform” shall we say. Thanks for posting its good to know i am not the only one with these thoughts.

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